Internship – Teach for India


InternshipDesk is a unique program in that each person gets a highly personalized internship in their field of interest. I will be interning with the NGO Teach for India (below is their website) I get to work with kids which I’m really excited for, and I think it will be a fun and highly rewarding experience! 🙂

On June 29th (next Saturday) I have to go the American Embassy school for orientation and assessment training. It’s kind of a bummer that it has to be that day because now I can’t go see the Tigers with the others like I planned 😦
Before this email I got today I didn’t know any details about my internship, but I found out that I have been placed at DoE Malviya Nagar school (all girls), grade 3 with the fellow Swati Kumari. I’m really excited 🙂

Tonight we are headed to Hauz Khas village to listen to some live music/get dinner at a Caribbean restaurant called Rastaa. Here’s some info about the village

I’ll blog about the Taj sometime soon promise!



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